Discover Your Ideal Prospects with LinkBridge.

Unlock the power of Social Media and Data to Transform Your Lead Generation and Sales Process. 

Lead List Creation: Access Hundreds of Millions of Contacts

LinkBridge works with LinkedIn Basic & Sales Navigator to make your lead generation efforts simple and automated. Data driven targeting allows you to reach your ideal clients at scale on autopilot. Easily 10X your lead flow of high quality leads and use the extra time to focus of your attention to close active deals in your pipeline.    

“My sales team was able to automate all of their daily required LinkedIn tasks which saved around 3 hours per day for each SDR and AE. This immediately increased our productivity and we closed more deals because we were able to give our active deals maximum attention.”

Jason Hand – VP of Sales

Become a LinkedIn Expert and Stand Out from the Crowd 

You get access to a wealth of sales knowledge gathered from years of experience. From Educational material on copywriting, personal branding, and how to build robust & profitable relationships, LinkBridge is your hub for success on LinkedIn. You become an expert on all the new strategies & your profile will be optimized for maximum visibility. 

“LinkBridge not only exceeded our expectations by educating us on the best practices of marketing. but also helped turn my team into an expert group with knowledge about LinkedIn and social media in general. We have been able to maximize our reach and get our message across to the right audience more than ever before.” 

Jeramiah Pierce – CEO

Share Content and Get Full Visibility of your Lead Flow and Activity

Our Admin Dashboard allows you to have a full view of the statistics of any individual or team you manage. You can also share content and roll out new marketing campaigns with ease. Also, LinkBridge seamlessly integrates with all major CRM’s including HubSpot, Salesforce, Close CRM, Insightly, ZOHO CRM, PipeDrive and many more. No more guessing!   

“I have great visibility of my team from my admin dashboard so I can track how everyone is performing and LinkBridge makes it easy to share content across the platform so marketing can implement new campaigns very easily. Another huge plus was how easily it integrated with our CRM so that we didn’t have any wasted time or double entry work. Highly recommend this platform and the training they offer!” 

Alan Hunt – VP of Business Development